Recent News


We have made significant updates to the English version of the paper (V4)!

  • Added significant work since November, such as the latest work from ICLR 2024.
  • Added content related to the Singapore Conference on AI (SCAI).
  • Completed a meticulous filtering of the references, updated the citation format for papers accepted by top conferences, and conducted a strict selection of the quality of the references, ultimately determining 801 references.
  • Visualized the years of the references to show the development trend in the alignment. Details can be referred to here.
  • Added discussions on Weak-to-Strong Generalization (Section 2.5), specifically outlining its basic process, key concepts, various ideas and technical solutions combining it with Scalable Oversight.
  • Added discussions on AI alignment from a socio-technical perspective (Section 5.4).

Alignment Survey has been recognized by NIST!

Alignment Survey has received coverage and attention from multiple media outlets!